A big thank you to the members of the pinball & arcade community who sign up to bring their games to the show for everyone to enjoy! If you have games you would like to share and bring to the show, register your game to get in for free and to be entered into the free play raffle!

Games for Sale:  Many game owners will offer their games for sale, so be sure to look at the game information card on each game for details. Typically, prices on games can range anywhere between $200 and $6000. The price can depend upon the game title, condition, popularity, and/or rarity. New games, high-end restorations, or very rare and/or very popular games can sometimes range $5000-$12,000. Most private game owners will only accept cash, but some may accept electronic forms of payment. Retail distributors with new games sometimes take checks, credit cards, or electronic forms of payment. An ATM is available on the premises (provided by Adirondack Trust).

Please treat each machine respectfully. Do not place food, beverages, or any sharp-edged or heavy objects on the pinball machine or glass. This can potentially cause damage to the pinball machines that owners have painstakingly restored for your enjoyment. Abusive handling such as punching, kicking, lifting, tipping, rocking a game, or hitting the glass in any way is grounds for a warning and possible ejection from the show with no refunds.

Parents must supervise their kids at all times.

Here is the list of games that have been registered thus far. Games normally start being registered by owners within 2-3 weeks prior to the show, and continue right up until the start of the show. Click on each column to sort the list by game title, manufacturer, year, etc. Click the game titles to view information and example photos about specific games.

Game Title Game Type Manufacturer Year Days For Sale Tournament
Demolition Man Pinball Williams 1994 Fri/Sat No Available
Rescue 911 Pinball Gottlieb 1994 Fri/Sat Maybe Available
The Shadow Pinball Bally 1994 Fri/Sat No Available
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Pinball Williams 1993 Fri/Sat No Available
The Incredible Hulk Pinball Gottlieb 1979 Fri/Sat No Available
Pinbot Pinball Williams 1986 Fri/Sat Trade Available
Hop-Scotch Pinball Buckley 1935 Fri/Sat No Available
Criss Cross ‘A’ Lite Pinball Genco 1935 Fri/Sat No Available
Terminator 2 Pinball Williams 1991 Fri/Sat No Available
Space Invaders Arcade Midway 1978 Fri/Sat Maybe Available
Seawitch Pinball Stern 1980 Fri/Sat No Available
Oktoberfest Pinball American Pinball 2018 Sat No No
Spanish Eyes Pinball Williams 1972 Sat Maybe Available
Sharpshooter Pinball Gottlieb 1949 Sat Maybe Available
Super Score Pinball Gottlieb 1967 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Pharaoh Pinball Williams 1981 Fri/Sat Yes Available
The Flintstones Pinball Williams 1994 Sat Maybe Available
Spider-Man Pinball Stern 2007 Fri/Sat Maybe Available
Hang Glider Pinball Bally 1976 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Super Star Pinball Williams 1972 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Fleet Pinball Bally 1934 Fri/Sat No Available
Surfer Pinball Gottlieb 1976 Fri/Sat Yes Maybe
Nitro Ground Shaker Pinball Bally 1980 Fri/Sat Maybe Available
Strikes N’ Spares Pinball Gottlieb 1995 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Thoro-Bred Pinball Gottlieb 1965 Fri/Sat Yes Maybe
Mars Trek Pinball Segasa-Sonic 1977 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Monday Night Football Pinball Data East 1989 Fri/Sat No Available
Stargate Pinball Gottlieb 1995 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Revenge From Mars Pinball Bally 1999 Fri/Sat No Available
Metallica (Pro) Pinball Stern 2013 Fri/Sat Yes Available
Maverick Pinball Data East 1994 Fri/Sat Yes Available
King Pin Pinball Gottlieb 1975 Sat Yes Available
Triple Action Pinball Gottlieb 1974 Sat Maybe Available
X-Files Pinball Sega 1997 Sat Yes Available
Straight Shooter Pinball Gottlieb 1959 Sat Maybe Available

Thank you for coming to the show!

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