We are pleased to announce that the show is returning on July 28-29, 2023! The show will be hosted by the Saratoga Regional YMCA in Saratoga Springs, NY!

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Saratoga Regional YMCA, a local non-profit charity organization.

See the show details here!

Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for photos and videos from all our shows!

If you’re interested in attending similar events throughout the year in the northeast, be sure to visit:

Each show houses 200+ games, game & parts vendors, tournaments, and Pintastic especially always has an interesting line-up of seminars and activities.

For small local gatherings and tournaments throughout the year in the upstate NY region, also be sure to check out the Pinball 518 facebook page!

Thank you for attending and participating in our past shows! We greatly appreciate everyone who was able to come, and especially those who brought games and volunteered their time with set-up & tear-down. It has been amazing to see the excitement and enjoyment people get out of this show! We are looking forward to seeing you July 2023!

If you have any photos/videos of our shows, we would enjoy seeing them either posted on Facebook or on Pinside!