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  • When:
    • Friday, TBA 2025 – Noon to 10PM
    • Saturday, TBA 2025 – 10AM to 8PM
  • Where: Saratoga Regional YMCA at 290 West Ave in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • General Admission: $15 per person (per day), children ages 6 & under are free. Cash & cards are accepted at the door. $12 for SRYMCA  Members.

2023-07-28 12:00:00
2023-07-29 20:00:00
Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show
The Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show will be held on Friday July 28th Noon-10PM and Saturday July 29th 10AM-8PM at the Saratoga Regional YMCA in Saratoga Springs, NY! Visit for more details!
Saratoga Regional YMCA, 290 West Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


There will be approximately 50 games available for free play. Anyone who brings a game in good working order will gain free entry into the show.

A beginner-friendly pinball tournament will take place on Saturday.

There will be indoor vendor & flea market spaces with pinball & arcade parts, items, and project games. Most sellers will only accept cash.

Many game owners will offer their games for sale, so be sure to look at the game information card on each game for details. Typically, prices on games can range anywhere between $500 and $7000. The price can depend upon the game title, condition, popularity, and/or rarity. New games, high-end restorations, or very rare and/or very popular games can sometimes range $7000-$15,000. Most private game owners will only accept cash, but some may accept electronic forms of payment. Retail distributors with new games sometimes take checks, credit cards, or electronic forms of payment.

An ATM is available on the premises (provided by Adirondack Trust).

Plenty of parking spots will be available in the parking lot.

The show is wheelchair accessible.

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Show Schedule

Day Time Description
Fri Noon-10PM The Show;
Early Removal Fees apply until 7pm for Free Play games
Sat 10AM-8PM The Show;
Early Removal Fees apply until 7pm for Free Play games
10AM-4PM Pinball Tournament
4:30PM-6PM Pinball Tournament Finals
6PM Free Play Raffle for game owners

Show Guidelines & Code of Conduct

It is our hope that we are able to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all attendees. We welcome new players, players of all skill levels, and players of all ages.

Playing Games

Every game along the walls really is FREE to play–no quarters or tokens are needed. Most newer games have a free play option available, so only the Start button will need to be pressed to begin a game. However, if the game does not begin when the Start button is pressed, look for an additional credit button that simulates inserting a coin.

If you start a game, please finish your game. On newer games, pressing and holding the Start button will clear out an unfinished game.

After finishing your game, please check around you for anyone who might be waiting in line, and allow them to have a turn to play the next game. If you want to play more, please go to the back of the line to wait for another turn. Feel free to ask others if they want to join a multi-player game–it’s fun and you can compete for a high score!

Problems With Games

Please report any problems you find to show staff/volunteers and/or the game’s owner as indicated on the game information card. Malfunctions could include stuck balls, error messages, broken or loose parts, or malfunctioning flippers and other mechanisms.

Game owners are usually nearby and will try to address any problems as quickly as possible.

If a game is turned off, please do not turn it on. It was likely turned off because of a problem.

Treatment of Games

Please treat each machine respectfully. Game owners took the time and effort to bring their own personal games to the show for everyone to enjoy.

Do not place food, beverages, or any sharp-edged or heavy objects on the pinball machine or glass. This can potentially cause damage to the pinball machines that owners have painstakingly restored and maintained for your enjoyment.

Abusive handling such as punching, kicking, lifting, dropping, tipping, rocking a game, or hitting the glass in any way is grounds for a warning and possible ejection from the show with no refund.

Show Rules

There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, and heckling;  violators are subject to a warning or possible ejection from the show with no refund.

For the safety of all, animals are not permitted within the building, with the exception of service animals.

Parents must supervise their kids at all times.

Note that there will be a $25 early removal fee for games that are removed from the show floor before 7PM.

If taking pictures, please obtain consent from the people being photographed. The show staff or the YMCA may have photographers taking publicity pictures, in which case, your attendance constitutes permission that photos containing your image/likeness may be used, without compensation, for publicity or general information purposes including publication on the website or within other publicity materials which may be seen by the general public.

Encourage the excitement you see in younger generations; they are the next programmers, engineers, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for coming to the show!