2018 Game List

Here are the games that appeared at the 2018 show! A big thank you to the members of the pinball & arcade community who signed up and brought games to the show for everyone to enjoy!

Game Title Game Type Manufacturer Year For Sale Tournament Play
Demolition Man Pinball Williams 1994 No Available
Rescue 911 Pinball Gottlieb 1994 Maybe Available
The Shadow Pinball Bally 1994 No Available
Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) Pinball Stern 2017 Yes Maybe
Laser Cue (Saturday Only) Pinball Williams 1984 Yes Available
Fleet Jr. Pinball Bally 1934 No Available
Revenge From Mars Pinball Bally 1999 No Available
Metallica (Pro) Pinball Stern 2013 No Maybe
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Pinball Williams 1993 No Available
Judge Dredd Pinball Bally 1993 Yes Maybe
WWF Royal Rumble Pinball Data East 1993 Yes Maybe
Harlem Globetrotters Pinball Bally 1979 No Available
Kings & Queens Pinball Gottlieb 1965 Yes Maybe
Hurdy Gurdy Pinball Gottlieb 1966 Yes Maybe
Totem Pinball Gottlieb 1979 Yes Available
Houdini: Master of Mystery (Saturday Only) Pinball American Pinball 2017 No No
Lost in Space, re-themed to Lost in Space ’65 Pinball Sega 1998 No Available
Evel Knievel Pinball Bally 1977 No Available
Touchdown Pinball Gottlieb 1984 Yes Available
Hollywood Heat Pinball Gottlieb 1986 Yes Available
Silver Slugger Pinball Gottlieb 1990 Yes Available
Cue Ball Wizard Pinball Gottlieb 1992 Maybe Available
Official Pinball Mills 1932 No Available
Super Mario Bros. Pinball Gottlieb 1992 Yes Maybe
Happy Tour (Friday Only) Pinball Bally 1964 Yes No
Star Trek (Friday Only) Pinball Bally 1978 Yes No
The Incredible Hulk Pinball Gottlieb 1979 No Available
World Cup Soccer Pinball Bally 1994 Maybe Maybe
The Sopranos Pinball Stern 2005 Maybe Maybe
Black Rose Pinball Bally 1992 Maybe Maybe
No Fear (Saturday Only) Pinball Williams 1995 Yes Maybe
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Edition (Saturday Only) Pinball Data East 1991 Yes Maybe
Comet (Saturday Only) Pinball Williams 1985 Yes Maybe
The Incredible Hulk (Saturday Only) Pinball Gottlieb 1979 Yes Maybe
Fandango Pinball Playmatic 1976 Yes Available
Big Casino Pinball Gottlieb 1961 Yes Available
Taxi Pinball Williams 1988 No Available
World Challenge Soccer Pinball Gottlieb 1994 Yes Available
Monster Gun Arcade Midway 1967 Yes No
Mars Trek (Saturday Only) Pinball Sonic 1978 Yes Available