Best In Show Awards

Any games set to free play will be eligible for a “Best In Show” blue ribbon award. The goal of the Best In Show awards is to recognize collectors who put so much time and effort into their games and share them with everyone at the show. A small group of volunteer judges will evaluate each game throughout the day and make the final decisions on the awards for several categories. The categories will be as follows:

  • Best Antique (pre-1960)
  • Best EM (1960-1970s)
  • Best Solid State (Digit & Alphanumeric)
  • Best Modern (DMD & LCD)

Judging considerations for each game may include:

  • Overall appeal
  • Overall cosmetic condition
  • Mechanical operation/condition
  • Fully functional game operation (all game features work)
  • Quality of restoration or refurbishment (clean, quality of touch-ups/repairs, quality of shop job)
  • Rarity, popularity, or historical significance (game feature firsts/lasts, prototype versions/features)
  • Interesting/tasteful modifications

View the official judging ballot here. The descriptions and points for each category are listed.

For attendees, there is a simplified judging ballot, which is factored in as a final consideration.

Awards will be posted on Saturday at around 5PM. Games that win awards will be awarded to the individual who originally registered the game for the show.